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About FOCUS | numeric !

My name is Eric Johnson. I live in Boulder, Colorado.

I wrote this site to help me:

  1. Present some portfolio items.
  2. Learn more about programming, math, machine learning and data science.
  3. Get more practice presenting information and techniques to other humans.
  4. Discover and present things about the world using analytic methods.
This site will be focused on applications related to data science. Right now though the content is more typically numerical analysis. First I have a bunch of algorithms, proofs, and interesting problems to post related to numerical PDEs, linear algebra and dynamics.


The reason for the electrical equipment being listed here will become clear as I post more items. I often use the oscilloscope to turn continuous electrical information into a dataset. For example, I'll be posting an analysis of what a 'TENS' unit (one of those electrical shock medical things) does. Multimeters and oscilloscopes are crucial for doing any serious electrical engineering experiments or troubleshooting equipment.

About me:

I am a numerical analyst turned data cruncher. I have a bachelors of arts in Computational Linguistics from The Ohio State University. I have a Masters Of Science in Applied Mathematics from Washington State University. My advisor was Dr. Kevin Cooper. My graduate work involved performing numerical analysis on a nonlinear particle physics problem. I work on 'critical systems' at the IBM facility in Boulder, Colorado.

Some of my other interests include music composition, photography, design and electric guitars.

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