Eric Johnson

Data Scientist

Experienced and capable data scientist with a passion for transforming data into actionable and intelligible insight seeks a new opportunity. Focused on providing innovative and usable machine learning tools, custom algorithms, understandable dashboards, and documentation.

  • Masters of Science in applied mathematics with program emphasis on large-scale data-driven numerical analysis of dynamic real-world problems.
  • Advanced mathematical ability with expertise in computer-based solutions.
  • Comprehension of tools, technologies and techniques used for sophisticated data science applications.
  • Experience programming data science, statistics, and mathematics tools in Python and R utilizing back-end SQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, AWS and JavaScript in an Agile development environment.
  • Bachelor’s degree in computational linguistics and mathematics.
  • Extensive technical writing and documentation control expertise to manage data at every step of a process implementation.
  • Experience in producing and presenting clear visualizations for both technical and nontechnical audiences.
  • Several years of teaching experience for diverse subjects including music theory, electrical systems, and college-level statistics, linear algebra, discrete mathematics and calculus.

Work Experience

Data Scientist, Denovo Ventures, LLC
Designed and implemented Analytics Engine platform for management of resources, automation of repetitive processes, and for gaining data science insight into collected data. Designed, implemented, documented and maintained custom algorithms using proprietary and industry-standard machine learning, statistical, and mathematical tools. Architected and transformed data collection processes. Designed and implemented user-facing data visualizations. Authored extensive documentation for Denovo data science applications.

Critical Systems Technician / Training Manager, Fluor Corporation
Lead training program and authored training documentation for Fluor Critical Systems personnel. Created automated data transfer and validation tools for electrical and environmental compliance system data. Authored data management tools to trend and spot statistical anomalies in site data using Python, R, Markdown and LaTeX. Designed and implemented machine learning methods to predict future equipment load.

Data Scientist / Developer, Gooberman, Inc
Developed and performed analysis of JavaScript algorithm to solve TSP for proprietary web application. Provided numerical analysis and produced visualizations of varied business data for internal and sales use. Developed batch summary process in Python and Excel to summarize thousands of scientific articles automatically, pull relevant search words, and catalog relationships. Engineered system architectures for websites using LAMP and MEAN stacks. Designed MySQL database and web interface for use on multiple company websites.

Mathematics Teaching Assistant, Washington State University
Taught undergraduate math courses related to college algebra, differential and integral calculus, discrete math, probability, statistics and linear algebra.

Owner/Operator, Radical i Design
Produced Solidworks and AutoCAD designs for prototyping, testing and production for clients. Acted as a technical and engineering consultant in a variety of different environments.

Wiring Technician, Controlled Power, Inc
Built low and medium voltage Switchgear for hospitals, public utilities, factories, and other clients. Maintained documentation, edited electrical schematics and tested system processes.

Production Consultant, Fitch/Concept Engineering
Redesigned wiring requirements for Owens-Corning Atticat insulation machine in pilot production. Created and maintained instructional electrical assembly documentation for large scale manufacturing. Built, tested, and repaired pilot machines that were undergoing market evaluation.


Python: numpy, scikit-learn, matplotlib, plotly, ...
Elasticsearch: Kibana, Watchers, ILM, ...
Pycharm, Visual Studio Code, Git, etc.